Breakthrough Solar Energy Technology from Israel

One year ago professor Feiman showed us his pilot plan for an innovative solar panel based on a simple concept: Replace large areas of expensive photovoltaic cells with inexpensive glass and concentrate sunlight onto a very small area of cells.
The Israeli startup Zenith Solar has now launched its first working power plan based on Feiman’s technology.
What could be more suitable for the occasion than a song to the sun?
[Shimon Peres, President of Israel]:
"I am jealous of this installation; it is more intelligent than us. It follows the sun all the time and shows its face to it. The issue of Solar Energy is primordial, and may be one of the most important issues for the whole world. First of all it is against deprivation of the poor."
What’s so special about this breakthrough technology?
[Roy Segev, CEO, Zenith Solar]:
"Traditional photovoltaic systems that as you know are quite popular around the world, have the ability to harvest approximately 10- to 15 percent of the energy while this system will harvest approximately 70 percent."
The new system does not need as much area as conventional solar technologies, and it offers more advantages.
[David Feiman, Professor, Ben Gurion University]:
"As the high technology advance and you came up with cells that are more efficient, you remove the cell, recycling it and put a new one, and you upgrade it in one lifetime of the system."
How economical is the solar sizzler?
[Roy Segev, CEO, Zenith Solar]:
"We will be able harvest a kilowatt/hour by approximately 8.6 cents over a period of 15 years under the consumption of the Israeli sun."
Zenith Solar plans to develop smaller units that can be installed in the backyard or on house rooftops by the end of 2010.
Reporter: Marlene Grunpeter Photographer: Anat Markram
NTD, Kvutsat Yavne, Israel.

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